Audio Dramas are (usually) original stories written and brought to life via fully dramatized audio productions, featuring voice actors, sound effects, and music. Little known fact: The roots of audio dramas in general actually date all the way back to the time of Ancient Rome, and a man named Seneca who wrote plays, but rather than being performed on a stage by actors, his plays were performed by readers (a.k.a. "voice actors"). Audio Dramas as we know them today didn't really become popular until the 1930s to 1960s, when radio was one of the primary household sources of entertainment. Dramas, such as The Shadow and Orson Welles ever popular performance of The War of the Worlds, were aired live with voice actors gathered either on stage before a studio audience, or in recording booths, with a sound engineer performing sound effects live, and usually a live orchestra performing the soundtrack. While much about thepresentation has remained the same, Audio Dramas have come a long way with the advent of personal computers and the Internet. Where once actors had to gather together in a studio to perform, now anyone with a computer, a microphone, and recording software, can record their lines and simply email them to the audio producer - though there have been exceptions where some producers have elected a more old-fashioned approach of ensemble recording - and sound effects and music are all added in post-production via digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Adobe Audition, Ableton, or FL Studio.
       While the Internet is full of completely original audio dramas, there is also quite a vast number of fan audio dramas - audio productions based in established franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc. - in which fans use their passion as fuel to create new stories based in the worlds of their favorite sagas. Star Wars fan audio dramas, in particular, date back to 2003 with the premiere of author and podcaster Nathan P. Butler's Star Wars: Second Strike, which paved the way for aspiring storytellers for years to come, creating a whole new genre of fan-creativity that has yielded several dozen productions - with more on the way. Here you will find a library of such audio dramas from fans all over the world, and we will be adding more as we discover them.

This directory is presented in alphabetical order.

Created by Nathan P. Butler
Total Length: 35:16 | File Size: 32.4 MB
Release Date: 03.01.05
Series Created by Nathan P. Butler
Series Total Length: 2:09:05 | Series File Size: 111.4 MB
Series Run: 2003 - 2004
Created by Steve Mollman
Total Length: 44:35 | File Size: 40.92 MB
Release Date: 10.14.03
Series Created by Jim Perry
Series Total Length: 1:58:52 | Series File Size: 162.9 MB
Series Run: September 2008 - October 2008
Series Created by Alextravia Grentarii & Janet Skyy
Series Total Length: 30:59 | File Size: 28.3 MB
Release Date: 03.10.07
Created by Joe Harrison
Total Length: 23:30 | File Size: 53.7 MB
Release Date: 06.10.08
Series Created by Joe Harrison
Series Total Length: 2:09:41 | Series File Size: 118.5 MB
Series Run: 2005 - 2007
Series Created by Eric L. Busby
Series Total Length: 47:25 | Series File Size: 43.3 MB
Series Run: 2004 - ???? (Canceled)
Created by Mike Cooper
Total Length: 4:36 | Series File Size: 4.21 MB
Release Date: 06.30.04
Series Created by Joe Harrison
Series Total Length: 2:55:45 | Series File Size: 353 MB
Series Run: 2007 - 2014 (Canceled)
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Story by Dave Myatt & Morgan Purdie | Adapted by Steve Fluharty
Total Length: 28:48 | File Size: 39.5 MB
Release Date: 05.09.07
Series Created by Joe Harrison
Series Total Length: 5:33:01 | Series File Size: 772 MB
Series Run: 2014 - Present
Created by Michael Sheridan
Total Length: 12:01 | File Size: 9.06 MB
Release Date: 11.22.03
Created by Jeff Vitkuske
Total Length: 3:55 | File Size: 3.58 MB
Release Date: 11.30.05
Created by Nathan P. Butler, Steve Fluharty, Devon Read
Total Length: 56:18 | File Size: 51.5 MB
Release Date: 06.30.04
Story by Karen Traviss | Adapted by Dany Pepin
Total Length: 29:29 | File Size: 27 MB
Release Date: 04.15.07
Story by Ron Marz | Adapted by Ted Alderman & Bryan Henry
Total Length: 16:18 | File Size: 5.6 MB
Release Date: 07.21.03
Adapted by Steve Fluharty from a script by Matt Loewen
Total Length: 20:06 | File Size: 18.4 MB
Release Date: 08.17.06
Created by Douglas Gonnelly & John Fiato
Series Total Length: 3:24:40 | Series File Size: 165.3 MB
Series Run: July 2006 - April 2007
Created by Nathan P. Butler
Total Length: 15:45 | File Size: 14.4 MB
Release Date: 05.11.08
The following is a list of audiobooks or enhanced audiobooks, written by Nathan P. Butler for his podcast, ChronoRadio. What separates these from audio dramas is that they rely on narrated prose, but they are "enhanced" in that the various characters are performed by a full cast.
Series Created by Nathan P. Butler
Series Total Length: 1:34:28 | Series File Size: 16.2 MB
Series Run: March 2005 - April 2005
Series Created by Nathan P. Butler
Series Total Length: 40:44 | Series File Size: 6.9 MB
Series Run: June 2003 (3 Weeks)
Created by Nathan P. Butler & Michael Galasso
Total Length: 13:41 | File Size: 2.34 MB
Release Date: 02.01.04
Story by Patrick Kasprik
Total Length: 12:02 | File Size: 16.8 MB
Release Date: 05.05.13
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Star Wars: Codename: Starkeeper II
(Visionary Creative Works)
Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion #7
(Lion's Mouth Entertainment)
Star Wars: KOTOR Resurgence #5
Typhon Media Productions
Star Wars: Fallen
(Drunken Fish Entertainment)
Star Wars: Incident at Talegia
(Drunken Fish Entertainment)
Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion #6
Lion's Mouth Entertainment
Star Wars: KOTOR Resurgence #4
Typhon Media Productions
Series Created by Devin Cox & Jenna Wilson
Series Total Length: 3:22:54 | Series File Size: 185.6 MB
Series Run: 2008 - 2010
Series Created by Jeffrey Lincoln
Series Total Length: 2:20:30 | Series File Size: 195 MB
Series Run:  2021 - Present
Created by Kevin Traynor
Series Total Length: TBA | Series File Size: TBA
Release Date: Coming Soon
Story by Christie Golden | Adapted by Lord Krit
Total Length: 3:07:56 | Release Date: 2020 - Present (In-Production)
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Series Created by Dany Pepin
Series Total Length: 4:40:39 | Series File Size: 238.4 MB
Series Run: October 2009 - December 2009
Story by John Jackson Miller | Adapted by William Simpson
Total Length: 11:05 | File Size: 12.7 MB
Release Date:03.12.07
Created by Jeff Vitkuske
Total Length: 6:19 | File Size: 5.79 MB
Release Date: 02.12.08
Original Story by Roy Thomas | Adapted by Andrew Gilbertson
Series Total Length: 5:33:07 | Series File Size: 761 MB
Series Run: February 2010 - ???? (On Hiatus)
Original Story by Bruce Jones | Adapted by Steve Fluharty
Total Length: 13:09 | File Size: 12 MB
Release Date: 09.13.05
Original Story by Kia Asamiya | Adapted by Steve Fluharty
Total Length: 27:02 | File Size: 18.5 MB
Release Date:07.10.07
Created by Linda Lyons, Keith Abbott, Pamela Kinney
Total Length: 44:29 | File Size: 40.7 MB
Release Date: 12.06.03
Created by Nathan P. Butler & Christopher Hanel
Total Length: 1:59:45 | File Size: 88.08 MB
Release Date: February 2003
Created by Michael Mays
Total Length: 14:47 | File Size: 13.5 MB
Release Date: 03.24.04
Created by Eric Olp
Total Length: 16:40 | File Size: 15.2 MB
Release Date: 05.06.08
Series Created by Timothy Harrison
Total Length: 1:06:15 | File Size: 118.7 MB
Series Run: 2014 - (In-Production)
Adapted by Randy Parker
Total Length: 52:55 | Release Date: 03.02.20